Via Facebook Messenger

How many times have you heard the phrase "the fortune is in the follow up?" Probably a lot, and that's because it's always true. You've probably also tried using clunky and outdated email marketing in the past to follow up with potential customers, usually ending up with about 90% of the emails being sent to the "spam" folder and only 5% of your emails actually being opened. 

With our Chatbots service you will be able to follow up with your potential customers all within the integrated Facebook Messenger App. Even better? We can automate your chatbot to:
•Message people every time they visit your business page.

•Follow up with people who have previously visited your website or business page.

•Qualify your leads on autopilot.

•Close your leads without you even lifting a finger.

The future is here and the numbers don't lie, email followups can't even crack a 25% open rate, while Facebook Messenger followups boast an incredible 90% open rate!

Our Promise

We specialize in many fields of business and have experience delivering qualified leads who are ready and willing to give you business. Our motto is "Make money. Make people money."

We understand that social media is dynamic and constantly evolving, and as so we continue to adapt to the ever changing digital environment of social media. 

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