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Instagram currently has over 1 billion monthly active users. Facebook boasts 2.3 billion monthly active users. The numbers do not lie. Social media is NOT a fad and it is not going anywhere any time soon. The days of only being able to reach new customers via newspaper are a distant memory today.

Billions of people use social media as entertainment. We at Chasing Skylines Marketing simply provide the commercial breaks. Even more than having the power of raw numbers on your side, you will have the power of Hypertargeting your audience. This not only ensures that you will get a high volume of eyeballs on your business, but most importantly you will have the right eyeballs on your business with astonishing results.  

Optimize your reach. Optimize your audience. Optimize your results.




Daily social media content curation for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Includes 6 posts a week 

Instagram add-on with 5 post a week. Includes account setup if necessary

Unique promotional posts to highlight your services and products created for your social presence, all of which will help keep your name in front of potential customers 



All services included in Standard

Page Promotion: Build Your Facebook Audience with Targeted “Likes"​​​​​​​

One Post Promotion Each Week. This can be to drive traffic for an offer or build engagement

Brand Awareness

Event Awareness



All services included in

Standard & Premium

​​​​​​​A/B Split testing of ad creatives

Development of one landing page/sales funnel with ongoing optimization for conversions

Pixel creation for a laser targeted audience

Our Promise

We specialize in many fields of business and have experience delivering qualified leads who are ready and willing to give you business. Our motto is "Make money. Make people money."

We understand that social media is dynamic and constantly evolving, and as so we continue to adapt to the ever changing digital environment of social media. 

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